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  • Ollie TeebaShort Order

    This new EP from Ollie Teeba
    Good hip hop isn’t dead, it’s just getting harder to find
    That’s the message coming loud and clear from Ollie Teeba
    MP3s from: $2.20

    J StrongMood

    J Strong brings with him a smooth and contemporary sound
    producing modern hip hop
    embedded with a strong R&B sensibility.
    MP3s FROM: $2.20

    Sleek The EliteBack In Business

    Sleek The Elite is Back in Business with a New EP
    Watch this space for an impending release date
    Anticipated for release early 2020
    MP3s from: $2.20

    DaisycuttersBecome What You Are

    Become What You Are is the brand-new
    album from The Daisycutters. LP Release on
    Vinyl available in Black and limited edition White
    MP3s FROM: $2.20

    The Vulcan StraightThe Vulcan Straight

    David Findley and Marc Reynolds formed The Vulcan Straight
    just prior to lockdown. With many broadcasts by BBC Introducing
    Hereford and Worcester, to their credit, the Straight brand is out
    there already, and this album will put rocket fuel in the tank.
    MP3s from: $2.20

    FemmebugLost My Mind

    From the land of song itself, Femmebug is stepping into the
    spotlight with her bedroom recorded songs
    the only thing brighter than her hair is her DIY pop goodness
    f you're wondering what the future of indie music sounds like
    look no further than Femmebug
    MP3s FROM: $2.20

    Kaysha LouvainThe Song Goes On

    Kaysha Louvain is an Americana/Retro-Pop artist based in
    South Wales. Having learnt her craft over the last 10 years
    playing and writing music in various bands, Kaysha has developed
    her unique sound into what it is today.
    MP3s from: $2.20

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