Artist Interview: A New Leaf For The Daisycutters

The Daisycutters

Words: Matt Innes

They say to ‘write what you know’, and Cameron Wilson of Gold Coast band The Daisycutters knows a thing or two about heartache.

“Stephen King has horror, James Ellroy has crime in LA - I have melancholic love songs and I’m never going to change,” Cameron says.

“Melancholic love songs are what I’ve always done. It’s like a true crime writer or a fantasy writer - it’s just what I do, it’s my default.”

It’s a fair indication of what Cameron and The Daisycutters are working on with their next record, what is expected to be a five-track EP that will be released via MADCAP Global Music.

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Evolutionary Vibes Vol. 5 The Winter Of Our Discotheque

The ‘Evolutionary Vibes’ series has consistently set a unique standard in Australian electronica, and the fifth instalment raises that bar to new heights. A premier selection of artists inhabits the playlist, running the gamut of electronic music in its various incarnations – breakbeat, house, electro and hip hop taking focus this time around.

New Content: 'Come Sweet Bullets' - The Daisycutters

Come Sweet Bullets

Lock and load for the next instalment in the sprawling discography of Gold Coast indie rockers The Daisycutters, ‘Come Sweet Bullets’. This album continues in the same fast rock vein established on previous record ‘Awake Among The Sleepers’, setting the pace with opening track ‘Your Place Or Mine’ and continuing into ‘I Don’t Want To Be Who You Are’.

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